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We have built native and cross-platform apps for fintech, micro learning, gig economy, gaming and foodtech, in both enterprise and consumer spaces.

We master Material Design and Human Interface Guidelines. This has allowed us to build stunning mobile, AR and VR experiences for startups and scaleups.

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Mobile is king

In 2021, 6.3 billion people own a smartphone and use them to generate 56% of the global internet traffic. No wonder there are 5 million apps available on AppStore and Google Play combined.

Such tight competition generates with very high user expectations. Today’s apps have to be super intuitive, fast and reliable. They also have to address a relevant need, in order to compete for people’s limited time, energy and money. Businesses need to be mobile-first for a customer base that is more and more on the move.

Native apps for native experiences

Native iOS and Android apps allows you to hook into unique functionalities of a device and take full advantage of it’s capabilities. They offer users an experience that feels native, like an extension of the Operating System. Businesses invest in developing native apps when performance and user experience are an absolute must.

Cross-platform apps for faster time to market

Native apps are expensive. To serve both iOS and Android customers, you need to design, build and maintain two separate apps and most often hire two separate engineering teams.

Cross-platform technologies allows businesses to build a single app that works on multiple platforms. They are a bit less performant, the user experience feels less native but the lower cost and fast development time make the perfect for MVPs and for testing product ideas.

Assistance with Google Play and App Store

App stores come with many rules, constraints and guidelines. Publishing an app, managing updates and store reviews sometimes feels like a separate job. There is a learning curve and time is needed constantly to manage the process. We have done it many times and can definitely help with this too.

We brought Crafting Software in from day one. They were involved in the conceptualization period up to the development of the app. Currently, it’s available on iOS and as a web app. It also works on iPad, and the team is now helping us bring it to Android.

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