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team of crafters |

Bonds run deep. We are mostly friends from the trade, brought together by the appreciation for the craft and desire to constantly produce our best work.

Mastery level is high, allowing us to work efficiently, contribute to our partners success in meaningful ways and provide tons of learning opportunities for the brave ones who want to join our guilds.

One mighty


*   The makers   *

Software Engineering

Cristian Oprea

Florin Bota

Mihai Vereș

Constantin Cheptea

Dan Filip

Oana Tarcea

Ionuț Bocancea

Claudiu Schuller

Darius Bucșa

Rebeka Debre

Georgiana Chelu

Dan Sălăjan

Cristina Hurubă

Huba Lazăr

Alexandru Catrina

Andrei Mihailă

Cristina Langa Cîmpean

Florin Ciocan

George Șut

*   Founding fathers   *


Călin Crișan

Gabriel Bota

Darius Baba

*   The wizards   *

Product Design

Cami Chiforiuc

*   The strategists   *


Anca Sas

Constantin Cheptea

Mihai Vereș

*   The authenticators   *

Quality Assurance

Marius Bodarlău

Andrei Iacob

Dragoș Făgăraș

*   The gatekeepers   *

Human Resources

Andreea Bușecan

Anetta Porcs

Vivien Újvárosi

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