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From understanding user needs, validating assumptions, prototyping solutions, branding to sketching user interfaces, our design team collaborates closely with Product, Engineering and Marketing to create bewitching user experiences that cast a spell on your users and advance your business.

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$100 in return for every $1 invested

Good design equals good business. A 2016 study found that the more a company invested in and focused on design, the more sales they saw, the higher their customer retention and customer engagement was, and the faster they moved through their product cycles. All this simply because they kept UX design, and more importantly, the user, at the very core of their business.

We do our research

We talk to users to understand their needs, motivations and pains. When the situation calls, we do user inverviews, shadowing sessions and user testing. When users are less available we send surveys and look into data in order to find answers.

When opinions are involved, we make sure they come from previous experiences or have a good reasoning behind.

Business driven design

If design is not moving the needle on the business side, it is not of much value. We understand that tradeoffs between business objectives and user experience are part of the craft.

This mindset comes especially from the experience of launching our own digital products. Most design decision come with a cost-benefit analysis and are tied to acquisition, activation, retention, referral and monetization objectives.

Bewitching user experiences

Usable interfaces based on research and business needs are not enough. Humans are emotional creatures and emotions drive most of our behaviours.

Part art, part science, playing with emotions is what our visual designers do. Some call it sorcery, we call it pure passion, creativity, attention to details and patience. It’s a complex process that takes time, but the results are totally worth it.

The Crafting Software team understands product design. They have teammates who can focus not only on UI/UX and visual design but also on figuring out how the tool or software solves the problems of the people involved.

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