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For us, good software simply works. It scales easily, it is primed for future developments, anticipates issues and protects against them.

Good software also avoids unnecessary complexity, it is cheap to maintain and follows the constraints and needs of the business.

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The right tools for your needs

Our engineers have worked with a wide variety of technologies. This makes them better understand what tool to pick up from the toolbox.

When choosing tools, we not only look at technical feasibility, but also at business needs. We don’t oversimplify, we don’t overcomplicate, we strive to find just the right balance.

Self managing teams

Our agile development style with short iteration cycles keeps you and your users in the loop, shortening the feedback cycle, for optimal results.

Once Product Owners get up to speed with the product and business requirements, they prioritize and translate them into detailed engineering stories. The Scrum Master makes sure the team has clear requirements, stays in sync and remains focused, in order to respect the commitments.

In simpler words, you won’t have to manage day to day activities and can focus your energy on other things.

High team seniority

Our engineers have on average 8+ years of experience and bring with them a wealth of knowledge from fintech, education, real estate, biotech and gaming, among others.

The less obvious benefits are efficient communication inside and outside the team, anticipating issues and proactively coming up with solutions. Our partners appreciate it when we challenge their assumptions and improve the product as a result.

Clean code

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”

Reading and understanding code is 80% of the job. It is essential for being able to fix issues and add new features in a timely manner. We care deeply about code, it’s part of our craft and it’s something that sets us apart from many other teams.

They know what, how, and why things are prioritized. That speaks to their deeper understanding of the purpose behind a product beyond just doing what another person tells them to do.

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