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Project Description

Enterprise product suite for the real estate industry developed for web and mobile platforms. The project featured a leasing pipeline, a communication module, scheduling system, dynamic websites, a mobile app and a reporting solution. Reva platform addresses the needs of real estate companies, their management teams, and residents alike, in handling property rental.

The complex application covers the rental process end-to-end, from a resident’s first contact with the property to the signing of a lease and moving in. The platform’s features create an all-encompassing experience allowing users to communicate, solve various issues, manage payments, digitally sign leases, run marketing campaigns, and conduct applicant screening.

The Challenge

Right from the start we had to get familiar fast with a new technology stack. Having a senior team with a solid technical foundation made the ramp up process a breeze and we got to work right away. In a market dominated by a couple of legacy software providers, the only way to succeed is to come up with a solution that isn’t just incrementally better. Our product team worked relentlessly in understanding the needs of all players involved and crafted a solution that is orders of magnitude better.

Main concern for Reva’s clients was the training time required to get users up to speed, a very important aspect in the industry, where leasing agents have an average turnover rate of 6 months. Our team was able to design a system that shrinked training time from months to days.

They’re diligent; they’re the kind of people who will stay up late to make sure that a project is done right.

Joshua Hall, VP of Product, Reva Technologies

Our Approach

Crafting Software has worked alongside teams from US, Costa Rica and Peru and has nourished connections that go beyond our work engagements, we have become friends and trusted partners.

The flat hierarchy also encouraged people to speak up their mind, raise their concerns, reveal their ideas and solutions and be proactive and fully committed to the project.

Our Contribution

The GO LIVE happened at the beginning of 2017, after 18 months of hard work, commitment, mutual trust and countless hours of invested energy.

The magnitude of the success could be better revealed by the following figures:

  • 25k units;

  • more than 100 different properties;

  • hundreds of leases every day;

  • 7k comms daily across the system


Following the success proven with the first customer, the Reva team secured a deal with its second customer, a bigger scale project that also came with different backend integration needs. It was a phased rollout that lasted more than a year, with multiple data migrations, new integrations, significant performance improvements and a lot of new features.

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Mobile app


Industry: Real Estate

Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Redux, PostgreSQL, TestCafe, Jira

Team size: 20

Partnership: 2015 - Present

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