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Industry: e-commerce

Technologies: Elixir, Phoenix, Phoenix LiveView, RabbitMQ, Postgres, AWS, Kubernetes + Docker, Github Actions

Team size: 5

Partnership: 2021 - Present

e-commerce platform |

Project Description

Rezolve is a new technology that is revolutionising the way that customers discover and buy. Unique interactive capabilities connect the offline and online worlds and transform consumer interactions, both in mobile apps and online.


Using Rezolve will bring your marketing campaigns alive with new interactive features to drive engagements, sales and downloads.

"Their professionalism and work ethos are impressive."

Salman Ahmad, Chief Technology Officer, Rezolve

Our Approach

Rezolve is a highly distributed system deployed across three continents. Our responsibility was improving and building new features for the core suite of backend services, simply called Core, and ensuring its robustness, scalability and extensibility.

Our Contribution

Here are some key features we are working on:

  • Integration with several payment systems. ACI payment integration ( Paypal/Google/Apple pay integration (through ACI gateway). CoDi Payment integration (

  • Developing REST APIs for client apps and other backend services;

  • Developing a Phoenix based admin portal, which allows configuring connected applications, onboarding and managing merchants and partners;

  • Mass onboarding of merchants;

  • Processing and validating massive merchant data from CSV files, using GenServers and finite state machines; Building a resilient data pipeline for bulk data ingestion.

  • Creating and maintaining message queues (with RabbitMQ) for supporting asynchronous communication between various systems;

  • Handling deployment, monitoring and maintenance of these system through kubernetes;

  • Provide technical support and on-call support to all the teams that consume Core services: web, mobile SDKs, client APIs.

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