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Custom made [“web”, “mobile”] applications from the heart of Transylvania. Our allegiance to the craft and holistic approach to product development has helped our partners launch timely MVPs and scale up smoothly.


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What we craft

Our work on consumer and enterprise apps for fintech, real estate, health and entertainment industries, enable us to identify the tools that fit your technology and business needs.

Pictogram web apps

web applications

Pictogram mobile apps

mobile apps

pictogram UX

user experiences

pictogram elixir and erlang development

Elixir & Erlang apps

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We developed and delivered an enterprise
product for a Silicon Valley startup. 
The application provides integrated communication solutions such as telephony, email, SMS, calendar sync, background screening and reports to streamline the work and task management for leasing agents.

(enterprise web app) |



Real estate



Node.js, React.js

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Words from our partners

Dan White

Co-Founder, Localvore

I appreciate Crafting Software because we wouldn’t be here if we’d gone through another round of not having the right team.

There would be no business and we wouldn’t get any investment opportunities if Crafting Software didn’t work out for Localvore — straight up, there would be no Localvore.

Ted Gay

Co-Founder, Athena

It’s easy to work with Crafting Software — they’re all very good people.

The team excels at project management. We’ve changed courses a few times, and the Crafting Software team has been willing to adjust to the number of resources we need. Overall, they’ve been a great partner who understands our vision.

Joshua Hall

VP of Product, Reva Technology

I’ve worked with plenty of teams over the last 20 years, and Crafting Software is top-notch.

They think about second- and third-order problems of how they can do their jobs better and how they can impact their customers effectively. That’s uncommon in my experience.

On top of that, they clearly take pride in their work.

Georges Gomes

Co-Founder & CEO, ‹div›RIOTS

They behaved like a team member and delivered valuable improvements. Always updating or seeking on the work so you never need to chase for update. Very efficient communication.

The team is very professional. No non-sense. Just pure techs.

What do you want to forge?

Write a brief description of your idea or project. If we have the right tools and skills for the job, we are eager to join forces.

Message sent. One of our founders will get back to you soon.

Crafting stories

Octoplay product image


Case study coming soon

From a series of Crafting's own products, this is a suite of mobile games aimed at helping children with speech impairments.

The games make practice more fun by leveraging AR rewards and lovely VR experiences.

(android and iOS educational platform) |



Special education



Unity, Elixir, AR, VR

Team size



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